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Dear Friends,

I am really happy to present Jan-2007 quarterly issue of Mahavitaran’s e-magazine. At the outset, let me wish you all ‘A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year- 2007’. In this year, we will have to raise our efficiency so that our customers get good quality and continuous supply.

Year 2006 has been a year of transformation of Mahavitaran. In this year, we have reached the highest monthly revenue in the history of MSEB/Mahavitaran (Rs. 1475.57 Crore) in Nov-06. This was only possible because of the efforts taken by all of you right from Janmitras to the Chief Engineers.

On personal front, 2006 has not been a good year for me. I lost my brother-in-law Mr Mukesh at the tender age of 45 in a motorbike accident. On health and family fronts also, there have been a lot of problems for me in the year 2006. I pray the Almighty to give me strength in the year 2007.

On 20th Oct-06, MERC has issued the Tariff Order for FY 2006-07. Various directives are given in this Tariff Order. I have enclosed a copy of directives in this e-magazine. You are requested to go through the Tariff Order and the directives, so that during the next Tariff Public hearings, we will have good time.

Hon. Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, IAS has taken over as Managing Director of our company on 27th Oct-06. He is a Senior IAS Officer with highest educational background. During the first Review Meeting, Hon. Dr. Pandey has given directives to increase % metered sale compared with the input to the area. He was also given the directives to increase the collection efficiency.

The distribution loss reduction program is the only way, by which we can save Mahavitaran. Your all out efforts are necessary for bringing the distribution losses under control. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Delhi have shown that the distribution losses can be reduced to the tune of 4-5% in a year. We have reduced distribution loss by 3.17% in FY 2005-06. The present level of distribution losses (Apr-Sept 07) is 28.51% as against 30.47% for (Apr-Sept 06). May I request all of you to be serious on the issue as 1% distribution loss reduction means Rs. 200 Crores more revenue to Mahavitaran, in a year.

Reactive Power Management is the quickest way of reducing distribution losses. Hon’ble Dilip Walse-Patil, Minister (Energy) during the review meeting on 26th Dec-06 has directed that all capacitors in EHV/HV substations and capacitors on 11 kV feeders (0.6 MVAR) are to be operational by 15th Jan-07. A rough estimate on one substation in Nagpur city has indicated that 10 MVAR capacitors at substation on 11 kV bus put into service, has reduced the total drawal for the substation by 100 A (2 MW relief). There are over 3600 MVAR capacitors in our grid. If all of them are put into service, there will be loss reduction as well as reduction in load shedding period which is to be carried out, on account of equipment capacity shortages. You all have to look into the matter very seriously.

Our Akshay Prakash Yojana (APY) is being considered by The Energy Research Institute, New Delhi (TERI) for best Demand Side Management (DSM) scheme in the country. Presently, there are about 5500 villages under Akshay Prakash Yojana. This was possible only because of the sincere efforts taken by all of you and because of the special efforts taken by Shri Diwanji (Shri B. B. Pawar), Shri Arvind Gadakh, Shri Ram Dotonde, Late Shri Prakash Nakhate and all others who are taking keen interest in the scheme. Prakash expired on 7th Dec-06 after a massive heart attack. Mr Prakash was so instrumental in bringing Akshay Prakash Yojana as a dream come true in Kolhapur district. I have had several meetings with Prakash. His enthusiasm gave me strength, all through out these days. Sudden passing away of dear Prakash is severe setback for me and also for the Akshay Prakash Yojana in the State. Let Prakash’s soul remain in peace.

I am including about 12 articles in this issue. There is an Energy Audit Report by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a report on Causes of Failure of Transformers and Better Efficient Transformers. Ravi Deshmukh, JE and Rajkiran Bilolikar, JE have written on “Optimization of Rural Electrification Methods”. My Personal Assistant Shri Dilip Jadhav and his team has put up some short stories. Shri Dilip Jadhav is retiring from MSEDCL services on 30th Dec-06. Shri Jadhav and myself are together for last 30 years. He has been a personal support for me. On his retirement, I wish Dilip and his family members all the best.
Shri Chandan, AE (IR) has included training calendar in this issue. May I request you to kindly inform me the training programmes where you would like to be deputed. I will put up the proposals to Competent Authority for approval of these training programmes. Frequently Asked Questions on APDRP, EA-2003 and Akshay Prakash Yojana will clear some doubts in your minds. You may still have some more questions. Kindly do mail us ( We will include answers to them in the next issue. Finally, I wish you and your family members Best of luck, happiness and prosperity in the New Year 2007. Let us all work together for building a strong Mahavitaran in the year 2007. Wishing you All The Best. I conclude, but let me tell you I am awaiting your kind responses, which keep me healthy and in good mood.

Yours affectionately,
(Vijay L. Sonavane)
Executive Director (Dist-CP)